Want to be sponsored by SPASM Skateboards? All ages are welcome to apply. We are always on the lookout for talented skateboarders! Thank you for considering us as a possible sponsor!

Please send us a video of your best skating and we’ll check it out. You can mail it to us as a DVD or CD; email it to us at info@spasmskateboards.com ; or send it as a link to a host site such as YouTube. Please don’t send videos that are older than two to three months, contain drug/alcohol references or anything that would be deemed stereotypical of skateboarders. We are looking for talented, positive and motivated daily skaters. Videos of you skating with our boards automatically move your sponsorship video to the top of the list. If you have never skated one of our boards, we recommend you skate one before sending us a sponsorship request. That shows us you are really, really motivated to skate for us!

Mail to:

SPASM Skateboards

9200 NW 39th Avenue, Suite 130-3
Gainesville, FL 32606

We will review your video and let you know whether or not we decide to sponsor you. If we decide not to sponsor you, we will still let you know. The video you send us will become property of SPASM Skateboards. You will not get it back. When mailing/emailing your video, please tell us more about yourself:

Full Name:
Home address (including street, city, state and zip):
E-mail address:
Phone number:
Years skating:
Do you compete in competitions?:
Are you now, or have you been, sponsored by another company? If so, what company:
How often do you skate?:
What type of skating (park, street, etc.) and where:
What size deck:
What brand decks do you skate most?:
How often do you go through a deck?:
What do you think you could do to get the word out about SPASM Skateboards?:

What kind of tricks do you need to do? The bigger the bag of tricks, the better. If you can flip into and out of a variety of grinds consistently, nollie/switch/fakie, flip down stairs, etc., you will have a better chance at gaining a sponsorship with us. We want to know what kind of exposure you can get for SPASM Skateboards. For example, do you regularly compete in skateboarding competitions?

All sponsorship e-mails will be referred back to this page. SPASM receives multiple videos every week. It may take weeks or months to go through them. Please be patient. We will respond to you as soon as we can. Thanks again for considering SPASM!