SPASM Owner & Founder

My name is Justin and I am the owner of SPASM Skateboards. I was born at home in a small town in Kentucky. My first love is, was, and ALWAYS will be skateboarding.

Justin Smith SPASM Skateboards Owner and Founder.

HOMETOWN: Gainesville, FL

SPONSORS: SPASM Skateboards, FreeRide Skate Shop, Fone Fuel, Skate Ice Street Wax, SK8 Patches, Sock It to You, CamKix

YEARS SKATING: 32 years and still going strong!

STANCE: Regular


SHOUT OUTS: My parents for always being there for me through thick and thin. I love y’all and thank you for your dedication to my dream. Preston, you selflessly gave your all to help me. Rest in Peace brother. All the guys on the team out there. You are an awesome group of young men. Your love for this company is so incredible. I am nothing without you guys! Last but not least, a very special shout out to all the supporters that continue to believe in this dream of mine. It would never happen without you. Thank you!

Justin Smith, owner of SPASM Skateboards.