SPASM was launched in 2014. One of the first questions people asked me was “How are you going to be different from every other company out there?” I thought this over for a while. One thing I noticed was the relative absence of companies promoting a positive message. I saw the same stereotypical formula of mindless and self-destructive skaters. While some skaters are typical of the scene (drugs, drinking and living hard), not all skaters are like that.

I thought about my childhood and the hardships I faced, day to day, just trying to survive. There was my answer. I wanted to help the skaters that are falling through the cracks, especially those with no support system.

While trying to come up with a name for the company, the word “spasm” spoke to me. As a skater, I’ve had many “spasms” but there was something more to the word – a meaning behind the word. How could I make pain seem positive? This one took a lot of thought. Peace? Positivity? Motivation? Passion? I wrote the word “SPASM” and many different acronyms of what it could stand for. Finally, a light went off in my brain and I wrote on a piece of paper: Seeking Peaceful Awareness by Staying Motivated. That was it! Once I had the name, I ran with the concept!

As any person that grew up poverty-stricken, that mindset followed me well into adulthood. How am I going to start this company? First, I reached out to the local skate shop, Freeride Surf & Skate, before launching my company, and asked if they would carry my brand. Freeride and I go way back! As a thank you for my loyalty to them, they were on board with helping me launch my dream! They have been there since day one and I am forever grateful for their support.

Once Freeride agreed to carry my boards, I researched how to start a business and soaked up all the knowledge I could absorb. I felt like I was ready to launch a business but – I was broke. Growing up with nothing taught me one thing: I knew how to live with nothing. I sold everything of any value: my boat, my guitar and my car. I ordered a stack of decks and SPASM was born. With the support of the global community, we are closer to fulfilling our dream of spreading peace and helping those that need it the most, the underprivileged.